iPhone control Solar Interactive Lighting

Solar Concept Jon Liow is an interactive lighting system and a smartphone app to sync with a time zone can be specified by the user to reflect the cycle of natural sunlight . The curiosity , the user can run wild as they explore different time zones in the comfort of your home. This unique take on the weather allowed us feel connected to the places that we can not or have never seen the user experience in the location, the light cycle anywhere in the world.

The device has several different functions. In its simplest form , the user can either let the application automatically synchronizes with light to trigger a cycle of 24 hours, depending on their current location or manually select any city in the world. Once the light is controlled by the application of using Bluetooth, it works independently without being connected to the phone. The secondary functions of the system include the ability for the user to reverse the cycle of light. This option allows the user to reverse the function of the light that it shines brightest during the darkest hours of the time zone and remains dark during the brightest hours of the time zone. The environment function allows the user to manually from the cycle of 24 hours light and the brightness of the light.

Designer: Jon Liow Dell 1545 battery







Kindra Nikole's interesting human and nature photos

Seattle-based photographer Kindra Nikole is inspired by fairy tales and imagination to produce images of surreal scenes that look like they are so dark and mysterious, convincingly inventive. Despite the gloomy aesthetics in many of the images of Nikole, the photographer has not, so the fresh, bright colors show up the use of color against annoying shadows.

The beautiful photo collection growing portfolio of photographer shows his active imagination, since any object interacts with his / her environment. The artistic portraits each have a lone figure in harmony with themselves, totally immersed in the natural landscape of choice, theme and setting complement each other in every shot. The option to shoot outdoors, outdoor environments Nikole increase the affinity of their images "to play with the natural elements and create a seamless connection with nature.

via [L'acte Gratuit Sony VGP-BPS13]

Fantasy-Driven Photography Inspired by Fears and Dreams

Photographer Chiara aka Himitsuhana Fersini captures a sense of liberation, with its dreamy photography portfolio. His images have themes carefree nymph-like in elaborate flowing robes. In some cases, women are elegantly scenes Himitsuhana swept by the breeze, while others drastically clothes planes below is based on a form of its own. The photographer also covers garments patterned wings of feathers or flocks of birds to further accentuate the feeling of freedom.

There is a surreal quality to the photographer growing collection of works that play with different silhouettes of the female form. Himitsuhana combines themes of nature with the human form and its artificially. Whether his images of women in concrete barriers or in an open landscape, which are recordings of fantasy driven by numerous elements that blend their fears, their dreams, their sorrows and joys.

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Fun Photos of natural Personality-Filled Frogs

Is that little frog holding an umbrella shaped leaf, to protect herself from the rain? Yes, and it's just an amazing photographer with several shots of tailless amphibians in their photos. Photographer Penkdix Paime shot the little tree frog in the backyard of his neighbors in Jember, East Java, Indonesia. Smart Frog uses the leaf as an umbrella for more than 30 minutes while the rain pitter-pattering around.

After some fantastic photos of some very expressive owl, I thought it was time to turn our attention to the often neglected green friend that usually found in the jungle. Incredibly, there are about 4,800 species of frogs recorded, making it one of the most diverse groups of vertebrates around.

Now, please enjoy our top 14 photos of frogs filled personality.

Below photo by Penkdix Paime Via National Geographic HP g62 battery









Revolutionary Space-Saving Vertical Farms in China

Due to China's rapid urban expansion, its no surprise that much of their usable farmlands are disappearing. While the country has the largest agricultural output and supplies over twenty percent of the worlds population, only ten percent of all the land China owns is arable. This was the main driving force behind Spain-based architectural firm JAPA's latest concept.

Located just outside city lines, Dyn-net or Dynamic Vertical Networks is a series of high-rise towers that supply the food needs of the metropolis. They would be constructed out of lightweight yet high tensile materials with a focus on using as many recyclable resources as possible. Each ring on the skyscraper has the ability to shift and change positions to better suit the plants. The structures use hydroponics to grow produce, using little to no soil at all, and will even be outfitted with labs to better monitor growth and nutritional value of the crops.

The buildings will be open to visitors, allowing them to learn more about local agriculture, while also taking in the 360 degree panoramic views each platform offers. The overall goal of the project is to save land, supply food, and become a biodiversity magnet for travelers from all around the world.


via[Archiscene Dell 1440 battery]

Easy Glider

Alexander Shevchenko's Delta hang-glider explores the use of new materials that are more efficient to fix or replace in common occurrences like breaks, cracks or other damage. Composed primarily of laminated foam, the winged structure maintains rigidity and lightness necessary for flight but can also be easily and cheaply repaired, replaced, and recycled.聽

Designer: Alexander Shevchenko Compaq CQ60 battery


A glider or sailplane is a type of glider aircraft used in the sport of gliding. It has rigid wings and an undercarriage. Some gliders, known as motor gliders, are also used for gliding and soaring, but have engines which can be used for extending a flight and, for some types, for take-off. Aircraft such as hang gliders and paragliders are foot-launched and so are described in separate articles, though their differences from sailplanes are covered below. Glider aircraft that are used for purposes other than recreation, for example for military purposes, do not soar.

iMMi Creative 12 Constellations 5200mAh Portable Plush Cartoon Power Bank Review

In the daily lives, with full kinds of digital devices, We have become accustomed by the convenient services of mobile phones, tablet computers and other equipments. But the power of digital devices can not meet our daily uses, so the power problem comes out slowly.

Cartoon dolls, plush dolls has been sought by children and girls, cute appearance, soft and comfortable when holding in the hands, let you have to love it. How about if a power bank hide in the hairy body? It can’t only view, but also useful to charge for your digital equipment, dual-use to make it more pleased. Today, let me introuce you a series cute plush cartoon power banks.

iMMi cartoon plush mobile power banks are the hottest new products in South Korea, the little funny facial expression captures many users’ hearts and minds. This time, iMMi released 25 models of popular cartoon power banks including 12 Constellations, 4 colors rabbits, 9 colors bears. They are different with the normal cartoon power banks, as they are made by real velvet, soft and comfortable nap, with a temperature feel, comfortable and intimate, the little clothes/cloaks on the plush bank can be removed, you can change and create beautiful clothes for it, with tasteful packaing to let it be a ideal gift for your lover and friends. Everyone will love it, especially the girls and young people.

iMMi comes from Korea, it is a fast emerging global brand which dedicated in digital, electronic products accessories, providing comprehensive protection, conservation, landscaping integration solutions for digital & electronics products. iMMi design team come from , Italy, USA, South Korea, Japan and other countries, they has many years of world-renowned brand design and manufacturing experience; iMMi electronics accessories using the most advanced technologies and materials, with the artist's vision and boundless enthusiasm for life, devoted to each products detail crafted to bring you fashion, leisure boutique products.


If you just look at the front of iMMi cartoon power bank you will never know they are mobile power banks, you will see they were built in a USB output port and a Micro USB input interface on their ass after you turn them around, built-in 5200mAh cacaptiy, support charging for all digital devices including cell phones, tablets, ipads, and cameras. All of them have lanyard loop, hanging on the bag to travel will attract lots eayballs, collapse in the wrist can always play with entertainment, the best of all is you can charge your digital devices anytime at anywhere, easily and self-contained entertainment. Let’s iMMI lead the lifestyle with us together ! 

Backup Powered iPhone protective case

Love the Juice up concept by Francois Rybarczyk, a simple yet functional design that rescues you from situations where your Smartphone battery is dying on you and you have no easy access to a power point. Juice up, is a work around for power sharing; the frame features a cable which can transfer battery life from one phone to another.

Juice up is still at a concept stage and needs some electrical engineering, to be viable.

Designer: Francois Rybarczyk Dell vostro 1510 battery











Only My Personal Space

Atmos is a must-have desk for those who prefer their own personal space in a crowded office or dorm. The design takes inspiration from Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic structures and Do Ho Suh’s fabric cladding sculptures. What I love about the desk is the cozy enclosure and private space that it creates. It works better than cubicles and monolithic room dividers. Researchers too agree that a personal haven reduces stress and anxiety amongst workers and students.

To keep it enterprising, the Atmos uses translucent fabric and geometric science of triangles create an organic sphere of diffused light that spreads illumination evenly on top of the work surface. This even makes it look more spacious. Atmos can be designed using different fabrics to customize according to user’s specific needs as well as LED color lighting for establishing mood-setting environments.

Designer: Jeremy Lee Acer







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100 Cast Iron Human Sculptures Scattered on Crosby Beach

British sculptor Antony Gormley is known around the world for his figurative sculptures. In fact, his series titled Another Place, which features 100 cast iron sculptures, has turned Crosby Beach into a tourist attraction. Originally, Gormley's pieces were installed on different beaches in Europe (Germany, Norway, and Belgium) and were scheduled to make a move to New York after their display in England, but in 2007 the sculptures officially settled in the Merseyside coastline. Now, they still stand in the sand, weathered and worn by the sea.

The permanent installation consists of 100 life-size figures of men reaching nearly 6' 2.5" and weighing over 1,400 lbs. spread over a 2 mile stretch between Waterloo and Blundellsands. The figures, which are casts of the artist's own body, are scattered about the beach, facing out to the sea. Altogether, the installed sculptures serve to represent the shared sentiments of emigrants who are sad to leave their country but hopeful of their future in a new land.

Photo by Richard Pardon

via [the mist~gates and Asus ]


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